I’m a journalist and copywriter with over twenty years experience.

As a journalist, I write primarily about film and television. Outlets include Empire, The Sunday Times, Time Out, The Telegraph, The Observer, NME, Soho House, British GQ, Wired and Esquire. I’m based in London, but travel across the world for work. I’m very portable.

I have extensive TV, radio and podcast experience. I’ve appeared on BBC News, Channel 5, Sky News and The Empire Podcast, among others.

As a copywriter, I’ve worked with clients including Apple, Patch, HBO, Deliveroo, Omega, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Universal, and Paramount.

I am available for commission and always keen to explore new areas. Not stock markets, though. I wrote about that once and it was a disaster. If you’d like to contact me, I’m on olly.richards@me.com

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